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We welcome your comments. Please, write to us and help us improve this site. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be replying to your request. REGIAMARINA receives many requests and we do not have the time and resources to satisfy them all.

We do know that it is often difficult to obtain information from the Italian authorities about personnel service records, but please be patience and persevere. All requests relative to personnel should be sent to:

Direzione Generale del Personale Militare
Viale dell’Esercito, 186 – (00143) ROME – Italy
5° Reparto – 12ª Divisione – 2ªSezione (for Officers), tel. (+39) 06/517050192
5° Reparto – 12ª Divisione – 4ªSezione (for N.C.O.s and sailors), tel. (+39) 06/517050188

We are not part of, nor are affiliated with the Italian Navy and thus cannot help you in this area.

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