R. Smg. Antonio Bjamonti

The Antonio Bjamonti  was the former Yugoslavian submarine Smeli of the Osvetnik class. Built by the AC de la Loire shipyard of Nantes, France, it was lunched December 1st, 1928. The Smeli was captured by Italian forces at the Bay of Kotor in April 1942. Initially designated N2, the armament was changed, and the conning tower modified.  Due to the advanced age, old design, and shallow diving depth, when commissioned into the Regia Marina as “Antonio Bajamonti”, service was limited to training and experimentation.

A picture of the Bajamonti around 1930, when it was the Smeli

On March 8th, 1942

It carried out an ambush in the Gulf of Genoa along with the submarine H 6, another aging submarine, returning to La Spezia without having identified any enemy ships.

From November 8th through 10th, 1942

The Bajiamonti carried out another defensive mission in the Ligurian Sea and four days later it made another one off Ajaccio, but in both cases there was no sighting of enemy ships

At the proclamation of the armistice, it was under maintenance in La Spezia and therefore, unable to leave port; it was scuttled there 9 September 9th, 1943 to avoid capture by the Germans.