R. Smg. Vector Pisani

The Vettor Pisani was a coastal submarine of the Pisani class which also included the Des Geneys, Giovanni Bausan, and Marcantonio Colonna. It secretly took part in the Spanish War with a single patrol during which it unsuccessfully launched two torpedoes at a ship.

At the outbreak of World War II, under the command of Junio Valerio Borghese, it carried out only two offensive patrols. The first in the last ten days of June 1940 and the second in the middle of July. Both patrols took place west of Malta and were not successful in locating enemy traffic.

The Vector Pisani still on the slip in Monfalcone

The Vettor Pisani also conducted patrols along the Italian coast until the end of 1940. Thereafter, due to its operational state – the boat was quite old – it was assigned to the Submarine School in Pula, for which he carried out 286 training missions, as well as some anti-submarine patrols.

Following the armistice, at the time the commander was lieutenant Commander Mario Resio, it relocated to Taranto and from there, in October 1943, to Naples. In January 1944 the Vector Pisani moved to Augusta and two months later back to Taranto; It continued to train until the end of the war, when it was laid up. Decommissioned on 1 February 1948, the Vector Pisani was sent for scrapping.

Operational Records

Patrols (Med.)Patrols (Other)NM SurfaceNM Sub.Days at SeaNM/DayAverage Speed
21475928629 173.97 7.25