U.S. NavyRoyal NavyRegia Marina
Executive BranchOther Branches
Flag Officers
Admiral of the FleetAdmiral of the FleetGrande Ammiraglio
(1st Class)
AdmiralAmmiraglio di Armata
(2nd Class)
Vice Admiral
(Upper Half)
Ammiraglio di Squadra designato di Armata
(1st Class)
Vice Admiral
(Lower Half)
Ammiraglio di SquadraGenerale Ispettore
(2nd Class)
Rear AdmiralAmmiraglio di DivisioneTenente Generale
Rear-AdmiralCommodoreContrammiraglioMaggiore Generale
CaptainCaptainCapitano di VascelloColonnello
CommanderCommanderCapitano di FregataTenente Colonnello
Lieutenant CommanderLieutenant CommanderCapitano di CorvettaMaggiore
LieutenantLieutenantTenente di VascelloCapitano
SublieutenantSub-LieutenantSottotenente di VascelloTenente
Non-Commissioned Officers
Chief 1st ClassChief Petty Officer 1st ClassCapo di 1a Classe
Chief 2nd ClassChief Petty Officer 2nd ClassCapo di 2a Classe
Chief 3rd ClassChief Petty Officer 3rd ClassCapo di 3a Classe
Second ChiefPetty Officer 1st ClassSecondo Capo
SergeantPetty Officer 2nd ClassSergente
Leading Ratings and Ratings
Junior ChiefPetty Officer 3rd ClassSottocapo
A.B. RatingLeading SeamanComune di 1a Classe
Naval RatingSeamanComune


Left: Lieutenant Commander, Line – Summer Uniform.
Right: Commander, Line – Winter Uniform

Left: Chief Petty Officer 1st Class, Yeoman – Summer Uniform.
Right: Petty Officer Gunner – Winter Uniform

Left: 1st Class Seaman Torpedoman – Summer Uniform.
Center: Fatigue Uniform until 1936- Winter Uniform
Right: Leading Seaman Quartermaster – Winter Uniform


Left: Summer
Center: Steel Helmet
Right: Winter

Left: Summer
Center: Service Cap
Right: Winter
The ribbon would show ‘REGIA MARINA’ for land based personnel
and name of the ship for all others.


1: Naval Constructors
2: Cap Insignia
3: Naval Engineers
4: Medical (Doctor)
5: Medical (Pharmacist)
6: Chaplain
7: Naval Ordnance
8: Port Captaincy
9: Commissary

Shoulder Straps (summer insignia)

1. Admiral of the Fleet.
2. Admiral(1st Class).
3. Admiral(2nd Class).
4. Vice-Admiral (1st Class).
5. Vice-Admiral (2nd Class).
6. Rear-Admiral.

1. Captain.
2. Commander.
3. Lieutenant Commander.
4. Lieutenant.
5. Sublieutenant (see notes).
6. Ensign.
Notes: The stripe on the shoulder-straps does not indicate rank, but seniority. A 1st TV earned the stripe after 12 years.

1. Chief 1st Class.
2. Chief 2nd Class.
3. Chief 3rd Class.

Winter Uniforms

1. Admiral of the Fleet
2. Admiral (1st Class)
3. Admiral (2nd Class)
4. Vice-Admiral (1st Class)
5. Vice-Admiral (2nd Class)
6. Rear-Admiral

1. Captain
2. Commander
3. Lieutenant Commander
4. Lieutenant
5. Sublieutenant
6. Ensign

1. Admiral (Line)
2. Naval Constructors
3. Naval Ordnance
  4. Medical Officer
  5. Commissary
6. Port Captaincy
  7. Senior Officer (Captains to Ranking Lieutenants)
8. Junior Officer  (Lieutenants to Ensigns)
The shoulder insignia for the Flag Officers are sewn directly on the uniform. For the generals and officers of other corps, the insignia is placed on a patch of color coded velvet .

1. Chief 1st Class
2. Chief 2nd Class
3. Chief 3rd Class


1. Nautical Services
2. Machinery Services
3. Technical Services
5. Accountancy Services
6. Directors of Musical Corps

1. Quartermaster
2. Signalmen
3. Electrician’s Mates
4. Aides
5. Carpenter’s Mates
6. Damage Control Men
7. Mine Men
8. Diver
9. Machinist’s Mate
10. Yeoman
11. Commissary Stewards
12. Hospital Corpsmen
13. Buglers
14. Port Corps
15. 1st Class Range Finder Operator
16. 2nd Class Range Finder Operator
17. 1st Class Stereo-Range Finder Operator
18. 2nd Class Stereo-Range Finder Operator
19. Gunners
20. Expert Machine Gunners
21 Ordinance repairmen
22. Chief Fire Control men at Central Station
23. Fire Control men
24. Expert Gun Pointer at Central Station
25. Fencing Instructor
26. Fireman
27. Radioman
28. Torpedoman’s Mate
29. Musicians
30. Gun Pointers
31. Athletic Instructor
32. Specialist with Mounter’s License
33. Submarine Personnel
34. Promotion for War Merit
35. Deep Sea Divers
36. Diploma Received
37. Hydrophone Operators
38. Compass Readers
39. Compass Mounters
40. Degree Received

1. Quartermaster
2. Drafted Apprentice Seaman
3. Signalmen
4. Diver
5. Hospital Corpsmen
6. Gunners
7. 2nd Class Range Finder Operator
8. 1st Class Stereo-Range Finder Operator
9. 2nd Class Stereo-Range Finder Operator
10. Expert Gun Pointer
11. Expert Gun Pointer at Central Station
12. Machine Gunner
13. Ordinance repairmen
14. Ordnance Artificers
15. Service Stripes, Leading Seaman
16. Service Stripes, Drafted Seamen
17. Submarine Personnel
19. Ordinary Fireman
20. Artificer Fireman
21. Ordinary Fireman
22. Artificer Fireman
23. Artificer Fireman
24. Artificer Fireman Volunteer
25. Ordinary Fireman
26. Ordinary Fireman Volunteer
27. Carpenters
28. Damage Control
29. Musicians
30. Fire Controlmen Volunteer
31. Fire Controlmen Drafted
32. Radioman
33. Electricians
34. Torpedoman
35. Mineman
36. Diploma Received
37. Hydrophone Operators
38. Degree Received
39. Compass Reader
40. Deep Sea Divers
41. High School Graduate
42. Yeoman
43. Commissary Stewards
44. Port Corps
45. Leading Seaman Eligible for petty Officer
46. Volunteer
47. Licensed Mounters
48. Buglers
49. Machinist
50. Chauffeurs