Italian Submarines Assigned to BETASOM

The following is a list of all the Italian submarines that were assigned to the naval base of Bordeaux codename BETASOM. Boats with a departure date indicate that they returned to Italy. Boat with a lost date indicate that they were lost while serving as part of the BETASOM base.

Alessandro Malaspina9/4/19409/11/1941Sunk by depth charges from Sunderland “U” (serial # W3986) of 10 Squadron RAAF, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Athol Galway Hope Wearne, in position 46º23’N / 11º22’W.”
Alpino Bagnolini9/30/19403/12/1943Captured by the Germans in Bordeaux, later sunk by British airplanes while in transit to Japan off Cape Good Hope
Ammiraglio Cagni2/20/19438/8/1943Surrendered to the Allies in Durban, South Africa September 1943
Archimede5/7/19414/15/1943Sunk by an American plane (VP No 83 Squadron) near the island of Fernando di Noronha, off the Brazilian coast.
Barbarigo9/8/19406/16/1943Lost between the 16th and the 24th in the Bay of Biscay
Capitano Tarantini10/5/194012/15/1940Torpedoed by the British submarine H.M. S/MThunderbolt at the estuary of the river Girond (Atlantic)
Comandante Cappellini11/5/19409/8/1943Captured by the Japanese in Sapang
Comandante Faa di Bruno10/5/194010/31/1940Sunk in Atlantic between 10/31 and 1/5/1941. The British Admiralty claimes that it was sunk by H.M.S. Havelock on Nov. 8th, 1940.
Enrico Tazzoli10/24/19405/18/1943Sunk between the 18 and the 24 in the Bay of Biscay
Ferraris5/9/194110/25/1941Scuttle after aerial bombing (Catalina A of the 202 R.A.F. Squadron) and attack by the British destroyer H.M.S. Lamerton East of the Azores Islands.
Giuseppe Finzi9/29/19408/8/1943Transferred to Germany
Glauco10/22/19406/27/1941Scuttled after an attack from Wishart near Gibraltar
Guglielmo Marconi9/28/194010/28/1941Lost in the Atlantic probably off the Strait of Gibraltar
Leonardo Da Vinci10/31/19405/23/1943Sunk by depth charges by the frigates Active and Ness 300 miles off Vigo, Spain
Luigi Torelli10/5/19409/21/1941
Maggiore Baracca10/6/19409/8/1941Bombed and rammed by the British destroyer Croome in Atlantic.
Marcello12/2/19402/22/1941Sunk in Atlantic by British destroyer Hurricane and Montgomery or, most probable, the Perwingle.
Michele Bianchi12/18/19407/5/1941Torpedoed by the British submarine Tigris off Bordeaux.
Morosini11/28/19408/11/1942Probably sunk by a British plane in Atlantic
Nani11/4/19401/7/1941Probably sunk by the British corvette Anemone near Iceland
Pietro Calvi10/23/19407/15/1942Scuttled at 0:27 AM after an attack by the British destroyer H.M.S. Lulworth near the Azores
Reginaldo Giuliani10/6/19409/8/1943Captured by the Japanese in Sapang, later manned by the Germans and sunk by the British submarine Tally-Ho