Submarine Losses

DateBoatClassCaptainFate – CasualtiesCoordinatesNotes
6/15/1940MacallèAduaT.V. Alfredo MoroneSunk – 119.00N-38.00ERun aground near the Island of Barr Musa Chebir in the Red Sea (Port Sudan)
6/17/1940ProvanaMarcelloC.C. Ugo BottiSunk – 6135.41N, 00.38WDamaged by depth charges and then rammed by the French gun boat La Curiese near Oran.
6/19/1940GalileiGalileiC.C. Corrado NardiCaptured – 1512.48N-45.12ECaptured by the British corvette Moonstone south of Eden (Red Sea)
6/20/1940DiamanteSirenaT.V. Angelo ParlaSunk – 4332.42N-23.49ETorpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S Parthian 30 miles from Tobruk
6/24/1940GalvaniBrinC.C. Renato SpanoSunk – 2525.55N-56.55ESunk by depth charges from the gun boat Falmouth near the Gulf of Oman
6/29/1940ArgonautaArgonautaT.V. Vittorio Cavicchia ScalamontiSunk – 4837.29N-19.51ESunk by depth charges by the British destroyers H.M.S. Dainty, H.M.S. Decoy, H.M.S. Defender, H.M.S. Voyager and H.M.S. Ilex near Ras Hilan (British records might also suggest that the vessel might have been sunk by Sunderland L5804 of the R.A.F.)
6/29/1940RubinoSirenaT.V. Luigi TrebbiSunk – 4039.10N-18.49ESunk by a British Sunderland 40 miles from Santa Maria di Leuca
6/29/1940Uebi ScebeliAduaT.V. Bruno ZaniSunk – 035.29N-20.06EScuttle after an attack by the British destroyers Dainty, Decoy, Defender, Voyager and Ilex south of Crete (crew were captured).
8/22/1940IridePerlaT.V. Francesco BrunettiSunk – 3332.25N-23.25ETorpedoed by a British plane in the Gulf of Bomba
9/30/1940GondarAduaT.V. Francesco BrunettiScuttled – 131.33N-28.33EScuttle after an attack from Stuart and a Sunderland 110 miles from Alexandria.
10/2/1940BerilloPerlaT.V. Camillo Milesi FerrettiScuttled – 233.09N-26.24EScuttled after an attack from H.M.S. Havock and H.M.S. Hasty north of Sidi el Barrani at around 6:00 AM
10/8/1940GemmaPerlaC.C. Guido Cordero di MontezemoloSunk – 4436.00N-28.00ETorpedoed by mistake by the Italian submarine Tricheco near Scarpanto
10/15/1940FocaFocaC.C. Mario GilibertoSunk – 6932.53N- 34.52ESunk probably after hitting one of its own mines or a British one near Palestine
10/18/1940DurboAduaT.V. Armando AcanforaScuttled – 035.54N-04.17WScuttle after an attack by the British destroyers H.M.S. Firedrake and Wrestler and 2 London Flying Boats of the R.A.F. near Gibraltar.
10/20/1940LafolèAduaT.V. Pietro RiccominiSunk – 3936.00N-03.00WDamaged by depth charges launched by the British destroyers Hotspur and Griffin and then rammed 12 miles north of Cape Tres Focas
10/31/1940Comandante Faa Di BrunoMarcelloC.C. Aldo EnriciSunk – 5556.01N-17.50WSunk in Atlantic between 10/31 and 1/5/1941. The British Admiralty claimes that it was sunk by H.M.S. Havelock on Nov. 8th, 1940.
12/14/1940NaiadeSirenaT.V. Pietro NotarbartoloScuttled – 132.03N-25.26EScuttle after damage inflicted by the British destroyers Hyperion and Hereward near Bardia.
12/15/1940Capitano TarantiniLiuzziC.C. Alfredo laschiSunk – 5745.25N-01.22WTorpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S. Thunderbolt at the estuary of the river Girond (Atlantic)
1/7/1941NaniMarcelloC.C. Gioacchino PolizziSunk – 5560.15N-15.27WProbably sunk by the British corvette Anemone near Iceland
1/19/1941NeghelliAduaC.C. Carlo FerracutiSunk – 4636.50N-23.52ESunk by destroyer Grayhound near Falkonera Aegean
2/22/1941MarcelloMarcelloC.C. Carlo Alberto TeppatiSunk – 5858.38N-11.51WSunk in Atlantic by British destroyer Hurricane and Montgomery or, most probable, the Perwingle.
3/6/1941AnfitriteSirenaT.V. Bruno GhersinaScuttled – 734.55N-26.43EScuttled at around 8:00 AM after an attack from the destroyer H.M.S. Grayhound near Cape Sidero in the Aegean Sea
3/31/1941Pier CapponiMameliC.C. Romeo RomeiSunk – 3838.32N-15.15ETorpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S. Rorqual near the island of Stromboli, north of Sicily.
6/27/1941GlaucoGlaucoC.F. Candido CorvettiScuttled – 835.06N-12.41WScuttled after an attack from Wishart near Gibraltar
6/27/1941SalpaArgonautaT.V. Renato GuagniSunk – 4832.05N-26.47ETorpedoed from the British submarine H.M.S. Triumph near Marsa Matruh
7/5/1941Michele BianchiMarconiC.C. Franco Tosoni PittoniSunk – 5334.48N-13.04WTorpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S. Tigris off Bordeaux.
7/5/1941JantinaArgonautaC.C. Vincenzo PolitiSunk – 4237.30N-25.00ETorpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S. Torbay near the Island of Mykoni
9/8/1941Maggiore BaraccaMarconiT.V. Giorgio VianiSunk – 2840.30N-21.15WBombed and rammed by the British destroyer Croome in Atlantic.
9/10/1941Alessandro MalaspinaMarconiT.V. Giuliano PriniSunk – 61Sunk by depth charges from Sunderland “U” (serial # W3986) of 10 Squadron RAAF, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Athol Galway Hope Wearne, in position 46º23’N / 11º22’W.”
9/15/1941SmeraldoSirenaT.V. Bartolomeo La PennaSunk – 4537.37N-11.29EProbably lost after hitting as mine in the Sicilian Straits
9/28/1941FisaliaArgonautaT.V. Girolamo AcuntoSunk – 4632.19N-34.17EBombed by the British corvette Hyacinth near Jaffa (Palestine)
9/30/1941AduaAduaT.V. Luigi RiccardiSunk – 4737.10N-00.56EBombed by H.M.S. Gurkha and H.M.S. Legion in Mediterranean at around 10:30 AM
10/25/1941FerrarisGalileiT.V. Filippo FloresScuttled – 637.07N-14.19WScuttle after aerial bombing (Catalina A of the 202 R.A.F. Squadron) and attack by the British destroyer H.M.S. Lamerton East of the Azores Islands.
10/28/1941Guglielmo MarconiMarconiC.C. Livio PiomartaSunk – 60Lost in the Atlantic probably off the Strait of Gibraltar
12/11/1941Ammiraglio CaraccioloAmmiragliC.C. Alfredo MusottoSunk – 1732.09N-25.19EScuttled after bombing from destroyer H.M.S. Farndale 30 miles off Bardia
1/5/1942Ammiraglio Saint BonAmmiragliC.C. Gustavo MinieroSunk – 5738.22N-15.22ESunk by the British submarine H.M.S. Upholder near Milazzo, Sicily
1/30/1942MedusaArgonautaC.C. Enrico BertarelliSunk – 5844.55N-13.46ESunk by the British submarine Thorn near Promontore, Istria
3/14/1942Ammiraglio MilloAmmiragliT.V. Vincenzo D’AmatoSunk – 5538.27N-16.37ESunk by the British sub H.M. S/M Ultimatum near Punta Stilo (Calabria).
3/17/1942GuglielmottiBrinC.C. Federico TamburiniSunk – 6137.42N-15.58ESunk by the British submarine H.M.S. Unbeaten near Cape Spartivento
3/18/1942TrichecoSqualoC.C. Giovanni CunsoloSunk – 3840.45N-17.56ESunk by the British submarine H.M.S. Upholder near Brindisi
6/1/1942Marcantonio ColonnaPisaniC.C. Bruno PilliRemoved from Service – 0Removed from service due to serious damage to the engines
6/7/1942VenieroMarcelloT.V. Elio ZappettaSunk – 038.21N-03.21ESunk by a British Sunderland between Sardinia and the Balearic
6/9/1942ZaffiroSirenaT.V. Carlo MotturaSunk – 4734.20N-24.09EProbably sunk near Ibiza by a Catalina
6/13/1942CB 5CBS.T.V. Enrico FarolfiSunk – 0Sunk in Yalta by a Soviet MAS
7/9/1942PerlaPerlaC.C. Mario PouchainCaptured – 033.50N-35.19ECaptured off Beiruth (Lebanon)
7/11/1942OndinaSirenaT.V Gabriele AdolfiScuttled – 534.35N-34.56EScuttle after an attack by the British destroyers Protea, Sothern and the antisub units Maid and Walrus near Cyprus
7/15/1942Pietro CalviCalviC.F. Primo LongobardoScuttled – 4230.35N-25.58WScuttled at 0:27 AM after an attack by the British destroyer H.M.S. Lulworth near the Azores
8/10/1942ScirèAduaC.C. Bruno ZelikSunk – 6033.00N-34.00ESunk by the British unit Islay near Haifa
8/11/1942MorosiniMarcelloT.V. Francesco D’AlessandroSunk – 5845.00N, 03.00WProbably sunk by a British plane in Atlantic
8/12/1942CobaltoPlatinoT.V. Raffaele AmicarelliSunk – 237.39N-10.00EBombed and rammed by British destroyer H.M.S.Ithuriel and H.M.S. Pathfinder off Biserta. Two British sailors die when the boat rapidly sinks.
8/12/1942DagaburAduaT.V. Renato PecoriSunk – 4537.18N-01.55ERammed by the British destroyer H.M.S. Wolverine off Algiers.
9/14/1942AlabastroPlatinoT.V. Giovanni BonadiesSunk – 4437.28N-04.34ESunk by the British Sunderland “R” of the 202nd Squadron off Algieres.
11/9/1942GranitoPlatinoT.V. Leo SpositoSunk – 4738.34N-12.00ESunk by the British submarine H.M.S. Saracen near San Vito Siculo
11/10/1942EmoMarcelloT.V. Giuseppe FrancoSunk – 1436.50N-02.50EScuttled after damages from Lord Nuffield
11/28/1942DessièAduaT.V. Alberto GoriniSunk – 4837.48N-02.14ESunk by the British Hudson “L” of the 500 R.A.F. Squadron north of Bona
12/6/1942PorfidoPlatinoT.V Giovanni LorenzottiSunk – 4438.10N-08.35ESunk by British submarine H.M.S. Tigris near Galite
12/13/1942CoralloPerlaT.V. Guido GuidiSunk – 5236.58N-05.07EBombed and rammed by the gun boat H.M.S. Enchantress near Bougie
12/15/1942UarsciekAduaT.V. Gaetano Arezzo della TargiaSunk – 1835.08N-14.22ESunk by the destroyers Petard and Valissa (Queen) Olga (Greek) near Malta.
1/14/1943NarvaloSqualoT.V. Ludovico GrionScuttled – 2934.08N, 16.04EScuttled after an aerial bombardment off Malta
1/19/1943TritoneTritoneC.C. Paolo MonechiSunk – 2637.06N-05.22EScuttled after depth charges by the Canadian corvettes Antelope and Port Arthur near Bougie
1/20/1943Santorre SantarosaBandieraT.V. Giuseppe SimonettiScuttled – 337.10N-03.15ERun aground and later torpedoed near Tripoli
2/9/1943MalachitePerlaT.V. Alpinolo CintiSunk – 3538.42N-08.52ETorpedoed by the Dutch submarine Dolfijn near Cape Spartivento
2/17/1943AsteriaPlatinoT.V. Alfredo MoroneSunk – 537.14N-04.27EScuttled after damage from the British destroyers H.M.S. Wheatland and H.M.S. Easton near Bougie at around 10:00 AM
3/11/1943Alpino BagnoliniLiuzziT.V. Aldo CongedoCaptured – 0Captured by the Germans in Bordeaux, later sunk by British airplanes while in transit to Japan off Cape Good Hope
3/23/1943DelfinoSqualoT.V. Mario ViolanteSunk – 2840.27N- 17.11ERammed by mistake by an Italian vessel near Taranto
4/15/1943ArchimedeBrinC.C. Guido SaccardoSunk – 6603.23S-30.28WSunk by an American plane (VP No 83 Squadron) near the island of Fernando di Noronha, off the Brazilian coast.
5/13/1943MocenigoMarcelloT.V. Alberto LonghiSunk – 539.13N, 09.07ESunk by aerial bombardment in the port of Cagliari
5/18/1943Enrico TazzoliCalviT.V. Giuseppe CaitoSunk – 52Sunk between the 18 and the 24 in the Bay of Biscay
5/21/1943GorgoTritoneC.C. Innocenzo RagusaSunk – 4836.01N-00.34WProbably sunk off the Algeria coast by the US destroyer Nields
5/23/1943Leonardo Da VinciMarconiC.C. Gianfranco Gazzana PriaroggiaSunk – 6342.16N-15.40WSunk by depth charges by the frigates Active and Ness 300 miles off Vigo, Spain
6/16/1943BarbarigoMarcelloT.V. Umberto De JulioSunk – 5845.00N, 03.00ELost between the 16th and the 24th in the Bay of Biscay
7/11/1943FluttoTritoneT.V. Francesco CaprileSunk – 4937.34N-15.43ESunk by British vospers off Syracuse
7/12/1943BronzoPlatinoT.V. Antonio GherardiCaptured – 837.06N-15.24ECaptured by the British minesweeper H.M.S. Seaham, BostoN- Poole, and Cromarty near Syracuse
7/13/1943AcciaioPlatinoT.V. Vittorio PescatoreSunk – 4638.30N-15.49ETorpedoed at 8:20 PM by the British submarine H.M.S. Unruly off the Sicilian port of Messina.
7/13/1943NereideSirenaT.V. Renato ScandolaSunk – 2137.25N-16.07EDamaged by bombs and sunk by gun by the British destroyers Echo and Ilex near Augusta
7/15/1943RemoRT.V. Salvatore VassalloSunk – 5639.19N-17.30ETorpedoed by the British Submarine H.M.S. United near Taranto
7/18/1943RomoloRT.V. Alberto CrepasSunk – 6037.20N-16.18ESunk by aerial bombs near the Calabrian coast
7/23/1943AscianghiAduaS.T.V. Mario FioriniSunk – 2337.09N-14.22ESunk by depth charges by British destroyers H.M.S. Laforey and H.M.S. Eclipse near Augusta
7/29/1943MiccaMiccaT.V. Paolo ScrobognaSunk – 5639.48 N- 18.43 ETorpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S. Trooper near Santa Maria di Leuca
8/3/1943ArgentoPlatinoT.V. Leo MasinaScuttled – 636.52N-12.08EScuttled after damage inflicted by the American destroyer U.S.S. Buck at 00.30 AM off the Island of Pantelleria
9/7/1943VelellaArgoT.V. Mario PataneSunk – 5040.07N-14.50ETorpedoed by the British Submarine H.M.S. Shakespeare near Punta Licosa
9/8/1943Comandante CappelliniMarcelloC.C. Walter AuconiCaptured – 005.55N-95.19ECaptured by the Japanese in Sapang
9/8/1943Luigi TorelliMarconiT.V.c. Enrico GropalloCaptured – 001.15N-103.49ECaptured by the Japanese in Sapang, later manned by the Germans and again by the Japanese
9/8/1943Reginaldo GiulianiLiuzziC.C. Mario TeiCaptured – 001.15N-103.49ECaptured by the Japanese in Sapang, later manned by the Germans and sunk by the British submarine H.M.S. Tally-Ho
9/9/1943MurenaTritoneC.C. Luigi Longanesi-CattaniScuttled – 144.06N- 09.50EScuttled in the port of La Spezia
9/9/1943SirenaSirenaT.V. Giuseppe SavareseScuttled – 044.06N- 09.50EScuttled in the port of La Spezia
9/12/1943AmetistaSirenaS.T.V. Luigi GinocchioScuttled – 343.36N- 13.29EScuttled off Ancona to avoid the surrender of the vessel to the British.
9/12/1943SerpenteArgonautaC.C. Raffaele AllegriScuttled – 043.36N- 13.29EScuttled off the port of Ancona
9/12/1943TopazioSirenaT.V. Pier Vittorio CasariniSunk – 4939.04N-9.32ESunk off Cape Carbonara (Sardinia) by a British airplane.
3/23/1945CB 13CBS.T.V. Francesco GallinaroSunk – 044.52N-13.52ESunk in Pola by Allied bombing
3/31/1945CB 18CBG.M. Alberto ColettiSunk – 0Lost near Pesaro
4/3/1945CB 17CBG.M. Gabriele BattistiniSunk – 0Lost near Cattolica
4/29/1945CB 21CBG.M. Paolo De NicolaSunk – 0Sunk by the Germans
CB 19CBG.M. Danilo ColucciCaptured – 0Captured by the Yugoslavs
CB 20CBS.T.V. Antonio GalanteCaptured – 0Captured by the Yugoslavs
CB 16CBS.T.V. Giuseppe TendiSurrendered – 0Surrendered to the Allied after three crewmembers murdered the commanding officer.